Beast 2 Shredded Capsules

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60 Capsules
Burn Fat
Increase Energy
Healthy Thyroid Support


When it comes to weight loss and burning fat, Beast Sports 2 Shredded has got you covered five different ways. 2 Shredded was designed to do it all when it comes to fat burning and weight loss. That means increasing your metabolism, regulating body temperature, optimizing thyroid function, reduce excess water weight, and suppressing appetite. That’s five different ways 2 Shredded will not only get you lean but also help you stay lean. So how does 2 Shredded do it? Well it starts with a powerful thermogenic blend that includes caffeine, cocoa bean extract, Bitter Orange, Naringin Extract andTeacrine to keep your energy and metabolism levels ready for fat loss. Choline and gingko provide razor sharp focus which is especially useful when dieting. Evodia Extract contains evodiamine, which is key to helping regulate body temperature providing a thermogenic effect for optimal fat burning. To optimize thyroid function, 2Shredded contains potassium iodide to keep your thyroid healthy to help you burn fat faster. 2 Shredded includes a diuretic blend as well. Dandelion and Horsetail Extract are combined to form a powerful duo. Together, they act as a natural diuretic to prevent the retention of excess water and reduce bloating. 2 Shredded is loaded with powerful ingredients formulated to work in synergy as a safe and effective weight loss solution. If you’re motivated to reach your weight loss goals and get lean, then 2 Shredded is the weight loss complex of choice that provides 5 different ways to help you get there.


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Size 60 caps
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