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What will gutright do for me?
- Will modulate gut bug ratios - Dysbiosis, sibo, leaky gut wall, allergies and intolerances
- Support immune
- Aid liver and detoxification pathways
- Reduce inflammation
- Reduce insulin resistance
- Support healthy metabolism
- Prevent and correct fatigue disorders
- Eliminate brain fog and aid mental clarity
- Improve physical and mental performance
- Correct firmicute: bacteroidetes (kill of excess firmicute and increase deficient bacteroidetes)
- Kill of candida (yeasts, fungi and moulds)
- Displace parasites


Modbiotic is a complex of polyphenols, polysaccharides, glucans, lectins and other compounds that modulate microbes toward an anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity profile through combinations of antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic actions that reduce excessive firmicutes and increase deficient bacteroidetes.


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